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    Company law

    Area of expertise

    Our lawyers are constantly seeking to find good, practical solutions that look after and develop the assets of our clients, enabling them to achieve their commercial goals.

    We assist our clients by resolving complex issues and by advising them concerning the application of company law, and compliance with it, in the day-to-day running of their business.

    It is important for all businesses to be organised in an appropriate manner. The organisational form selected is of importance in terms of external liabilities, the payment of owner dividends as well as direct and indirect taxation. When planning transactions, it is vital to identify the optimal corporate structure and transactional model to achieve a result that is successful in legal as well as commercial terms.

    We assist both Norwegian and foreign clients, who include private individuals and companies, public bodies and organisations, as well as foundations and associations.

    Our support is provided in close cooperation with the other specialist areas of the firm; more complex cases are handled in conjunction with accountants and auditors.

    The support we provide includes the following:

    • Advice on choosing form of company, including formation and registration of limited companies and general and internal partnerships, etc.
    • Registration of sole proprietorships and Norwegian branches of foreign companies
    • Support in connection with transaction planning, including choice of transaction model
    • Support when divesting a company, including share sale contract and implementation of transaction
    • Business transfer contracts
    • Mergers and demergers, including the drafting of mandatory corporate documents
    • Change of ownership form, including the conversion of a personally managed business to a limited company
    • Due diligence
    • Shareholder agreements
    • General meetings, other governing bodies and general management
    • Payment of dividends and other applications of company funds, including credit and transactions
    • Amendments to articles of association
    • Capital increases and reductions
    • Documentation required for agreements between a company and its shareholders
    • Winding up and dissolution
    • Transnational transactions
    • Generational succession, including corporate restructuring and amendments to the articles of association in preparation for appropriate ownership following the succession
    • Advice and support during shareholder conflicts
    • Shareholder rights and questions regarding invalid company decisions
    • Liability of board of directors
    • Inquiries
    • Procedural assignments

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