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    Dispute resolution and procedure

    Area of expertise

    From time to time business disputes do occur, and when they occur, they are demanding for the people and businesses involved.

    At Dalan you will meet lawyers who fully understand the situation in which you or your business finds itself. We constantly consider the various options for resolving the case from a financial, practical and commercial point of view.

    We can offer you or your company a safe and resource-justified treatment with a result-oriented focus. Dealing with procedures in the courts and arbitration tribunal is core business for us here at Dalan; in fact, we are at most times involved in pleading a considerable number of cases in the courts of Norway, including the Supreme Court.

    Some cases can and should be resolved out of court, and our teams therefore always consider at various stages whether the client is best served with such a course of action. At other times we take on cases with the one objective: to win in court. The aim is that the dispute shall have as little impact as possible on you and your finances, or your company’s day-today business, while we secure for you a good outcome.

    Court procedure cannot be compared to the other tasks of a lawyer. In court, the lawyer acts as advocate and must present his client’s case convincingly; his or her rhetorical skills are of great importance, as is the thorough preparation of the evidence and legal material. The facts of the case are often crucial, and our lawyers unearth all the information necessary in order to establish these. Of equally vital importance are the lawyer’s ability to respond to initiatives and neutralise any “ploys” instigated by the opposing counsel. In the end, it could well be the small details that are decisive for the outcome of the case.

    Experience is essential. At Dalan, we have comprehensive procedural experience and several of our lawyers are admitted to the Supreme Court of Norway. Our lawyers also take on cases as arbitrators in commercial disputes and arbitration proceedings are occasionally held on our premises. Moreover, many of our lawyers have a number of years’ experience of sitting as judges. In other words, we are well acquainted with the law courts from both sides of the bar.

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