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    Transactions / M&A

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    When companies are bought and sold a number of issues need to be addressed in order for the transaction to be conducted in the best possible manner.

    Solid experience coupled with specialist professional knowledge is therefore crucial to every successful and value-adding transaction. At Dalan you will meet lawyers with a thorough understanding of your company’s commercial goals.

    At Dalan we assist large, medium and smaller companies in the transaction market.

    We provide support at each stage of the transactional process for all forms of business unit: limited companies, public limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited and internal partnerships, co-operative companies, foundations and associations. Our support comprises structuring, capital sourcing, funding, tendering processes, due diligence, contract negotiations and support in the start-up phase.

    Our lawyers are experts at resolving complex issues efficiently in ways that produced the desired results. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative and value-enhancing support at all stages of the transactional process. We have therefore assembled a team composed of experts from different backgrounds that is able to consider problems from various angles.

    Our international and independent collaboration with international law firms means that, together with our clients, we are also able to choose the right partner for transnational transactions.

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    Our legal support includes:
    • Structuring, funding and arranging for syndication projects
    • Tendering processes
    • Setting-up and administration of data rooms
    • Conduct of due diligence processes
    • Contract negotiations and establishment of contractual framework complete with the required appendices
    • Purchase sum calculation and settlement, closing
    • Responsibility for settlements