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    Kristian Bårseth

    Kristian Bårseth

    Kristian Bårseth specialises in business law and court procedure. He counsels in disputes relating to real estate and various contractual obligations.

    Kristian graduated from the University of Tromsø in 2008 and has extensive experience with procedure and counselling in business law, including contract law, construction and securities trading. He also has expertise in administrative law, Planning and Building, insurance law, land consolidation, expropriation and appraisals, as well as insolvency / bankruptcy and legal enforcement.

    Furthermore, he has extensive experience as a judge in the district court for 3 years and 2 years in the court of appeal. He also has considerable procedural experience as a lawyer.

    In addition, Kristian has ample experience from work in the public sector, and has previously worked in the Norwegian national courts administration and in the Law Department in the Ministry of Justice, working with, among other things, civil and criminal procedure.

    Kristian speaks Norwegian and English, and has a basic knowledge of German.

    Work experience:

    • Partner, Dalan advokatfirma DA from 2023
    • Lawyer, Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS, 2021–2023
    • Acting judge of the Agder Court of appeal, 2019–2021
    • Advisor / Senior advisor, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, 2016–2019
    • Lawyer, Simonsen Vogt Wiig Advokatfirma AS, 2013–2015
    • Deputy judge, Follo district court, 2011–2012 and 2015–2016
    • Deputy judge, Nedre Telemark district court, 2010–2011
    • Advisor / Higher executive officer, Norwegian national courts administration, 2009–2010 and 2012–2013


    • Master of Laws, University of Tromsø, 2008


    • Licence to practice law, 2013