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    Child law

    Area of expertise

    Dalan has some the country’s leading specialists within child law. Our lawyers have vast experience of the different legal challenges faced by children and their parents.

    Child law, or the law of minors, enshrines the legal rules and principles that affect the legal status of children and parents.

    This branch of law embraces the Children Act, Child Welfare Act, Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international conventions. Common to all the legal rules pertaining to children is the concept that the best interests of the child shall be paramount.

    Our family law team run the website. Articles are published here on a regular basis highlighting important and topical child law matters. (Not available in English)

    Our lawyers can advise and clarify rights of access and custody for children and parents as well as the authority of parents to make decisions on behalf of their children.

    We can provide assistance in all matters relating to parental responsibility, place of residence and contact, both in mediation and before the courts. All our lawyers have extensive procedural experience and they plead a number of parental dispute cases in the courts every year.

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    We also support children/minors and parents in child care cases, where we can provide advice in the early stages in order to prevent the case from escalating unnecessarily. In cases where, out of consideration for the child, there is a need for follow-up by the child welfare authorities, we ensure that they act in accordance with the rules applicable.

    Our lawyers participate in meetings and consultations with the child welfare centre and have extensive experience of assisting children/minors/parents through pleading cases for them, before the county social welfare board and in the courts, against the childcare authorities.

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