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    Labour law in the public sector

    Area of expertise

    Labour law in the public sector governs working relations in central and local government.

    This form of labour law is characterised by a comprehensive set of regulations, supported by central and municipal agreements (collective wage agreements), and by the need for public employers to comply with rules that govern the scope of the authority they can exercise in making decisions and in procedural matters. Moreover, there are rules governing access to information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and Administration Act, as well as special rules governing the appointment of employees – the so-called qualification principle.

    On the whole, public sector workers tend to enjoy more rights than their private sector counterparts, and the management prerogative of public sector employers is consequently restricted. These rights and duties are laid down in different acts in fragmentary fashion, making it rather a challenge, in specific instances, to obtain a clear picture of the rights of the parties.

    Dalan provides assistance to public sector employers and employees on issues relating to labour law. Our clients are employers in central government, municipalities and other public bodies. We also advise employers and organisations who represent employers and trade unions, etc.

    We provide assistance in relation to the following:

    • labour law issues in connection with recruitment and appointment
    • issues relating to the workplace and the working environment, including HSE, protection against discrimination, privacy and notification (whistle-blowing)
    • mergers and business transfers
    • re-organisational, restructuring, and workforce reduction processes
    • pension-related issues
    • issues relating to collective wage agreements, including disputes and negotiations
    • employment protection cases (notice, suspension, dismissal and redundancy agreements)
    • procedural assignments

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