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    Dispute resolution

    Area of expertise

    At Dalan you will meet lawyers who understand your individual predicament, or that of your business.

    We continually assess the different options, from a financial, practical and commercial viewpoint, in order resolve an issue in best interests of the client.

    Some one of the country’s finest property law specialists can offer you or your business a secure and economically resourceful process with the focus fixed firmly on finding the best solution.

    Several of Dalan’s lawyers are admitted to the Supreme Court and they regularly plead comprehensive and complex cases in all of the country’s courts. A number of our lawyers are also authorised estate agents and have experience as arbitrators in commercial disputes. Moreover, members of Dalan’s team have gained considerable experience in the land consolidation courts.

    We will always consider whether a dispute should be brought before the courts, or whether it is more appropriate for out-of-court settlement. The objective is that the dispute should have as little impact as possible on you, on your economy, or the daily running of your business, while we obtain for you a favourable outcome.

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